Styling your home for sale

When looking for a home have you ever seen an image and thought ‘oh that is a hideous couch!’ and lost interest in the property? There is a saying that first impressions are key and when it comes to selling real estate this could not be more truthful.







Research has shown that well styled properties sell faster and achieve better prices. Having the property styled can be a critical factor in achieving your dream price for your home. Styled properties typically photograph better, which in turn leads to higher enquiry level and subsequently leads to stronger competition when it comes to negotiating or auctioning the property.

There are various ways an owner can style a property for sale, some may wish to engage a professional staging company whilst others prefer to go DIY. The important thing is that the home looks its best!

If you are thinking of selling, here are our best DIY styling tips for your home.

1) Declutter

Moving home is the perfect time to declutter and spring clean your possessions. As you will be moving everything out of the property soon, every cupboard will need to be emptied. Why not start packing before you put the property on the market? Whilst packing, you have the perfect opportunity to decide whether to keep, throw or donate your belongings.

2) Remove the hideous couch

Is your favourite couch an eyesore? Prospective purchases are not interested in how comfortable a couch is, but they may be put off by the outdated pattern or colour and then fail to see the potential of the space. If you feel your furniture may be an issue, you can look into hiring modern furniture that is suitable for the space. Alternatively, keep your eye out for cheap or second hand furniture. Local buy swap sell pages, gumtree and ebay are great for picking up cheap furniture. Remember it doesn’t have to be comfortable or your style, just look good! Once the home is sold you can always sell it again.

3) Keep the staging simple

There is no need to spend a fortune on new homewares and pretend you are on ‘The Block’. All you need is lamps on the bedside tables, nice quilt covers, matching towels and some fresh flowers. Shops such as Kmart, Target and Ikea are great for cost effective staging items such as towels or quilt covers.

4) Keep it neutral

Painting is the cheapest way of renovating a house. There is no need to paint the entire house, but please cover up the bright pink feature wall. The less a prospective purchaser feels they need to do when they move in, the more they are willing to pay. For some buyers the idea of painting or a bright pink feature wall will put them straight off.

5) Artwork is your friend

A piece of artwork can completely change a room. If you are thinking of selling, investing in some nice artwork will completely change our home. We are not talking about buying the Mona Lisa or a Jackson Pollack piece, rather just some pretty prints that complement your home. Check out online retailers such Ebay and Etsy where you can purchase prints in a digital file at a great price. You can then print and frame the artwork yourself. A bedroom with neutral furnishing and a nice piece of art looks great!

When styling your home it is important to remember that your style is not to everyone’s taste. Your aim should be to present a home which prospective purchasers can see themselves living in and fall in love with. The emotional buyer will always pay a premium price.

If you are thinking of selling and would like some styling advice, make sure to leave your details below and we will arrange for one of our agents to speak with you.

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Styling your home for sale