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Finding the perfect rental is not a perfect science, you need to manage a variety of factors in order to find somewhere that suits most, if not all of your requirements.

Our property management team have put together a list of things that you can do to assist you when it comes time to apply for the perfect property.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Gone are the days when you had plenty of time to submit a written application for a rental property. Here at KR Peters, we encourage all applicants to use 1form which is a digital application software. It allows you to develop an online profile which can be used for multiple rental properties. If you are unable to complete an application online, we recommend that you have the documents that you require prepared in advance. Most applicants submit their application for a property within a couple of hours of their inspection.

Do your research

It is so important that you research the property prior to attending an open or contacting the agent. Our agents spend a lot of time ensuring that as much information as possible is available through our digital platforms such as our website or Check out the property on google maps, do a drive by and have a good look at the photos we have provided. It is also important to take note of the availability date. Landlords like properties to be rented as quickly as possible so it is not ideal to receive an application for a vacant property that only wants to move in to the property in a month.

Open for inspection

An open for inspection is the only time you will have to see the house in person prior to putting in an application. Ensure that you have gone through the house and have made sure that the house matches your expectations. Ask the agent if things like the heating, cooling and dishwasher are working. Always remember to be polite, respectful, present well and take off your shoes. This is the first impression the property manager will get of you, so make it count. If you cannot make the open time or are running late, contact the property manager and let them know. Depending on the interest in the property, the property manager may be able to organise an alternative time for you to inspect the property.

Your application

The most important thing is to ensure that all required documents are provided as part of the application. There is nothing worse for a property manager than having to chase documents. Submit the application as soon as possible once you have inspected the property. Remember timing is key!

If you are wanting to stand out from the crowd, our property managers love nothing more than a cover letter. This is your opportunity to explain who you are and why you are the perfect tenant for the property. If you have ever had issues at a previous rental property, this is your opportunity to explain the situation. It is always best to be upfront and honest.

Another key factor to a successful application is the date of possession. Most landlords wish for a property to be rented as quickly as possible once it is vacant. The best move in date is either on or within a week of the available date. This may mean you need to consider paying double rent for a couple of weeks. If you provide a date to move in that is a couple of weeks after the property becomes available, the likelihood is that your application will be unsuccessful.

Pet Profile

It is important to ask the property manager prior to making an application if the landlord is willing to consider pets. If you have found a property that is willing to consider animals and are looking to make an application, consider including a pet profile. This should include an image of the animal, breed, age, its current registration details, if it has received obedience training and whether it is de sexed or not.


A key part of your application is your referees. These include your previous rental, personal and work references. Ensure that the referee contact details are correct and that that person can be contacted. A property manager is unable to proceed with your application without speaking to your references. It is important to note that the personal references should be someone who has known you for many years and is not a part of the application.

Your application is approved

Once you receive the call that your application has been accepted by the landlord it is important to note a couple of things. At KR Peters our policy is that the first month of rent must be paid in advance within 24 hours of accepting the property.


Given the strong rental market, you may need to make multiple applications before one is successful. Our best advice is not to give up and keep putting your best foot forward. You are always welcome to ask our property managers for some feedback on your application, so that you can improve for the next one.




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Rental Application