Real Estate Appraisal Vermont VIC 3133

How Much is my Home Worth in Vermont?

The latest property data published on April 30, 2018, has the median price of a house in Vermont at $1,041,000. The median price of a unit was calculated at $675,500 with a weekly median rent return at $400. To date in 2018, there has been 131 house sales and 14 unit sales. The average days on the market for houses is 61. The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio guide has homes and units as good. There are more buyers than sellers and vendors are getting their displayed property prices.

The 12-month capital growth for homes is 17.98% and for units, it is -0.33%. The average annual capital growth has houses at 9.09% and units at 7.69%. The gross rent yield for houses is 2.28% and for units, it is 2.94%.

House prices and weekly rent returns in Vermont

  • 3 bedroom house $950,000 Rent per week $440
  • 4 bedroom house $1,155,000 Rent per week $520

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Vermont

  • 2 bedroom unit $593,755 Rent per week $360
  • 3 bedroom unit $733,000 Rent per week $480

Free Real Estate Appraisal Vermont

Real estate appraisal Vermont VIC 3133

Most property owners like to know the value of their home. We give free appraisals on land, units, apartments and houses in Vermont and Vermont South. Contact any one of our local sales agents and they will be happy to do a free property appraisal. The final estimation will be founded on location to public transport, schools, amenities and shops. Also taken into account when appraising a property is the recent sales history.

Free Rental Appraisal Vermont

Are you an investor that has recently purchased a property and you require a property manager? Or, are you going to vacate your current home and want to rent it out? Our property management team conduct many free rental property appraisals. Our first initiative is to talk with the owner to find out the length of the rental and type of occupant they prefer. From this meeting, we will determine how much rent you can expect per week. Our rental managers use the latest software to aid in the management of the home. This enables us to stay abreast of routine property inspections, rent collection and maintenance issues. We will maximise your return on investment. Don’t forget, each week a property is vacant costs you 2% of your annual income. We have a list of tenants wanting to rent in Vermont and surrounds.

Property Valuation Vermont

Do you need your property value? A real estate valuation differs from an appraisal. If you are seeking finance the lender will get a valuation on your home. To do this they must hire a qualified valuer. The valuer will charge a price to do this. On the other hand, if you want to know the market price of your home you can engage a real estate agent to do this. We perform this service free of charge. We also know qualified valuers that we can put you in touch with.

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Real Estate Appraisal Vermont VIC 3133