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How Much is my Home in Officer Worth?

As of April 23, 2018, the current median house price in Officer is $522,500. This represents a 12-month capital growth of 32.85% and an annual growth of 6.25% on average. Over the past 12 months, there have been 255 houses sold. These are either 3 or 4 bedroom homes. According to the Demand to Supply Ratio, DSR, Officer is ranked above average. This translates to more buyers than sellers. Vendors are usually getting the price they are asking for. The capital growth in Officer should stay ahead of the national average of Australia. Properties generally take 60 days to sell.
House prices and rent returns in Officer.

  • 3 bedroom home $481,000 Rent per week $370
  • 4 bedroom home $596,000 Rent per week $400

Free Real Estate Appraisal Officer VIC 3809

Real estate appraisal Officer VIC 3809

Are you contemplating selling your home? Our local appraisers provide free property appraisals. We determine the value of your home by its location to shops, schools, amenities and recent sales history. They are many other factors that come into play.

Our database has many investors and buyers interested in the right property in Officer. We will show you how we arrive at our price. We can answer any other questions you have in relation to appraisals and the sale of a house. Our office is based on the Princes Highway in Officer.

Rental Appraisal Officer VIC 3809

Rental appraisals vary from appraisals on properties to be sold. If you have an investment home or are moving out we can give you an accurate price on the weekly rent return you can expect. Is your home to be leased long or short term.? What requirements and expectations do you expect from tenants? All these types of questions will be raised by our rental appraiser. Our property management team manage multiple properties in the area. We adhere to the Residential Tenancy Act which is both fair to landlord and tenant. We have a zero tolerance for rent in arrears. We manage the property for maintenance, rent collection and providing tax accounting data for the owner.

Recently Sold Homes in Officer

View our list or recently sold homes in Officer and surrounding suburbs such as Pakenham and Berwick.

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Real Estate Appraisal Officer VIC 3809