Looking to reduce your heating bills? Here are some ideas...

As the cold weather hits Melbourne, we have put together a list of ideas on how to reduce your energy and gas usage whilst keeping warm. Here are some changes that both renter and owners can make as well as some major changes.

Lower Your Temperature!

Is your central heating set to 24 degrees? Lowering the temperature on your thermostat by just a couple of degrees will reduce your monthly bills. By setting your heating thermostat between 18-20°C, you can decrease your running costs by up to 10%.

It may also be time to reconsider the program that you have your heating set too, make sure that it isn’t running when you aren’t home or at times when it isn’t necessary. If you rely on a portable heater, make sure that the heater is suitable for your room size. Remember to layer your clothing or invest in some extra blankets instead of cranking up the temperature.

Seal All Windows and Doors

There are lots of other sneaky ways for heat to escape your home and there is no point paying to heat the air only to lose it. If your windows are drafty, consider adding weather stripping around the frames. Seal external doors using draught stoppers or the old fashioned ‘door snakes’ at the bottom. Close blinds, curtains, windows, and doors on cold days to keep the heat in. Sealing gaps and cracks is an easy and inexpensive way to lower energy costs.

Home Improvements

Insulation is critically important in ensuring that your home is able to retain the heat during winter. If you own your home and are able to afford to consider increasing the insulation within your home it is an excellent decision. You can install installation within wall cavities, roof spaces and under subfloors in a variety of forms such as woollen batts, blow in cellulose and fibreglass.

Tune Up Your Heating system

When was the last time your heater was serviced? An annual tune-up on your heating system will ensure that your heater is running at peak efficiency, which will save you money every month. As well as not running efficiently, an unsafe heater can cause a house fire or pollute your home with dangerous fumes.

If all else fails it may be time to consider selling and moving to somewhere a bit warmer – we highly recommend Queensland! If you are considering selling give us a call on 9800 0000 (Wantirna South) or 5943 1111 (Officer).

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Looking to reduce your heating bills? Here are some ideas...