Six Home Maintenance Items to do in Autumn

With Autumn now upon us, we have put together a list of seasonal maintenance items that are ideal to be completed in the coming months.

Finally, complete those painting jobs…

If you have any outstanding or overdue painting items that need to be completed, autumn is a great time for painting. Due to lower humidity and cooler temperatures, it makes this time of the year perfect for any exterior or interior projects.

Check those trims!

Autumn is the perfect time to check all of the wooden trims on your home such as window and door frames. The best way is to get a screw driver and probe the wooden trims to see if there are any holes presents. Most minor holes can be repaired with caulking and a coat of paint.

Get on top of the roof.

Autumn is a great time to do some roof maintenance. The most important thing is to clean the gutters and check your downpipes to prepare for the winter rainfall. It can also be an excellent opportunity to examine the roof for wear and tear such as cracked roof tiles, lifting colour bond sheeting and lost pointing. If you are unable to check out the roof yourself, you can speak with a roofing company to arrange an inspection.

Clean your heating and cooling units

This time of year is an ideal time to clean your air conditioner unit and ensure that any dirt, leaves, twigs or sticks that have accumulated over summer are removed. It is also a great time to get your heating unit serviced and to check older heating units are not producing any Carbon Monoxide.

Test your alarms.

Ensure that your alarms and smoke detectors are in working order. Even if your smoke alarms are working, the end of daylight saving is a great time to change the batteries.

Don’t forget the garden.

Autumn is the perfect time to get into your garden. With the weather at a moderate temperature, it is a great time to get planting. It is also an excellent time to mulch your garden, fertilise your lawn, prune your trees and plant new bulbs or fruit trees.

Regularly maintaining your home is important to ensure that your largest investment remains in an excellent condition. Leaving small maintenance items until they become large problems will cost you a considerable amount more money to fix. Completing regular maintenance is also a great way ensure that if you ever decide to sell your home, the task of getting your home ready for sale will not be as difficult. Typically, well loved and maintained homes tend to sell for a higher price than a home that has not been well cared for.

If you are thinking of selling or would like an update on the current market value of your home please call our office on 9800 0000 (Wantirna South) or 5943 1111 (Officer).




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Six Home Maintenance Items to do in Autumn