A simple guide to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient science of observation and interpretation of our natural world, originated in China and dating back over thousands of years.

Feng Shui means “Wind and Water”. Energy travels by wind and settles at water. Our environment represents a place where energy settles.

Have you ever noticed that, when passing a property or building that you like, you will look at it every time, regardless of how many times you have seen it? This has the effect of sending good Feng Shui energy to its occupants. It is not surprising that these properties sell at a premium.

Energy flows like a river. It is better for it to travel without blockages or stagnant areas.  In evaluating the Feng Shui, we look for these blockages to improve the environment. Over the years, we have noticed that recommendations to change your Feng Shui are not always implemented. The reason being there needs to be a change in one’s own energy that is equal to the Feng Shui –

‘Change yourself, change your Feng Shui. Change your Feng Shui, change yourself.’

Now, let’s look at how to improve the front entrance’s Feng Shui (Red Phoenix):

  • Clear clutter, which includes the driveway and walkway to the front entrance.
  • Ensure that plants and flowers are healthy, fragrant and vibrant-looking.
  • Have the area well lit.
  • Keep the area clean and free of cobwebs and grime.
  • If possible, keep cars clear of the front entrance.

These changes will create fame and recognition, which will be observed by the neighbours commenting on “how good your front area looks”. It can also facilitate job promotion and recognition in the workplace.

In our next blog we will explore how energy flow can be improved around your house exterior.

A Feng Shui consultant, using creativity and knowledge, can replicate an environment where auspicious energy can accumulate.

For a Feng Shui guide to buying and selling real estate, click here.

Garry Hickey – Feng Shui Master

Eliane Pinheiro – Feng Shui Associate



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A simple guide to Feng Shui