Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui means “wind and water” and its origin dates back several thousands years to Ancient China.
The Feng Shui principles work toward balancing the “yin and yang” – the light and shade in your home.
It encourages “chi” – or energy to flow freely throughout your home. Chi needs to enter with ease through the front door and meander freely through your home before it exits out the back door.

Here are some simple tips to help create beauty and add harmony to a home:

- Clutter can block the energy flow.
- Clear your home of clutter and you will be amazed at how your energy changes as things are cleared.
- Use plants to soften any hard angles in your home.
- Keep all plants green and healthy. If despite your best efforts, your plants wilt and die then something’s wrong and what’s bad for your plants will affect you too.
- Flowering plants are extra good luck
- Dried flowers are not desirable since they have no energy left
- Your front door is a key entrance point for the flow of “chi”. Your door should be proportional in size to the building and well maintained. A clean, unobstructed entrance way is essential when inviting people and their energies inside.
- Hallways are the paths by which “chi” moves through your home.
- Dark cramped hallways impede “chi” circulation. In very dark hallways, keep a light burning at all times.
- You can enliven the “chi” with leafy green plants, mirrors and brightly painted walls.
- The layout of your living or family room should invite relaxation.
- Place your sofa with the back to a wall, offering people support and protection.
- Use soft lighting, choose furniture that suits the room and arrange it with plenty of room around it.
- Cramped pathways can funnel negative forces.
- In smaller living areas create more space by hanging a mirror which magnifies “chi”
- The kitchen is the centre of health and prosperity in the home. Stoves represent wealth and should be kept clean and in good working order to allow money to enter. Natural or bright lighting, clean windows and fans can help encourage healthy “chi” movement.
Kitchen that open to the front door can funnel negative energy and cause overindulgence. Use a screen or piece of furniture to form a barrier.
Avoid hanging knives or sharp utensils from kitchen cabinets; they can slice through “chi”
The bedroom greatly affects your health, relationship and prosperity. Make sure the head of the bed is against the wall to provide support. Place your bed within sight, but not directly aligned with the door. This allows you to see who is entering and provides security
Never place your bed under exposed beams. They carry the weight of the house and can cause headaches and loss of creative energy. If the beam can’t be avoided, hand a small mirror or crystal from it to disperse energy.
Keep the space under the bed clear, allowing “chi” to flow unobstructed
Mirrors can expand small areas and reflect nature
Aquariums and fountains can bring good fortune
You can prevent the loss of opportunity by always closing the bathroom door and toilet lid (when not in use)
Don’t have dripping taps or dirty fixtures in your bathrooms. A dripping tap is a sign of wasting money
Outside waterfalls are especially helpful when placed in the far left rear corner of the backyard
Place a birdbath or feeder in your garden to attract wildlife. It will increase the amount of energy – around your home
Soften the harsh lines of fences with creepers
Pot plants can be used to highlight entrances – in particular Jade (Chinese Money Plant). There’s an old saying” Jade by the door, never be poor…”
Finally, get yourself a three-legged frog and place it just inside your front door as if it has just hopped in. Make sure it’s facing into your home, not towards the door. The three-legged frog is displayed this way for luck.