Let’s think of potential buyers when they are looking for a new home. Try these great tips for your next open house.

Let’s think of potential buyers when they are looking for a new home. What thoughts are going through their minds? What moods are they in? Are they excited, anxious, overwhelmed? Is this a big decision to make? Have they been looking for months and feeling overwhelmed? Are they frustrated with the current real estate market?

Some are excited first home buyers who want every home they walk into. Some are looking for a bigger home to start their new family and dream of which room will be turned into a baby’s bedroom, and all the memories they will create when they move in. Others think of downsizing and long for the smaller home with low maintenance as their ideal residence. The investor buyers have different emotions, they are looking for value for money and their emotional attachment to purchasing is on a completely different level than a first home buyer.

So how can you make your home a more inviting place to walk through and make a potential buyer enjoy this experience? They have already done their homework, researched properties online and narrowed down that your home could be the one and now they are about to step in and check it out. First impressions when they walk in can be very important.

There are so many emotions going through their minds as they enter your property, all depending on their individual needs, values and current situation. Will this be a forever home for retirement, is it a home that works for the family lifestyle, are there schools in the area, or is distance to travel to work an important factor to consider. There are so many decisions to make and it can become for some people a very emotional time in their life.

Given that we want to make this experience a good one for a potential buyer we also have to remember that it is not you you’re selling to. You need to set it up so it emotionally engages purchasers, so they fall in love with your home and want to live inside it.

Something as simple as the smell of fresh flowers in a house, the smell of coffee brewing or a diffuser with the essential oil of orange diffusing is a great tip. The right aroma can make us more receptive to a home. Scents have a remarkable ability to influence the whole person – body/mind/spirit.

In fact let’s look at essential oils a little deeper and understand why they can have such an effect on people. It is well known that essential oil aromas trigger emotions and memories. Aromatherapy is thought to work by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions. It’s that simple!

Aromas are very personal for reasons we do not know. You can diffuse an essential oil to get rid of pet smells or stagnant air and stale odours in a room. There are hospitals around the world that now diffusing essential oils and some airlines diffuse Lavender when they dim the lights and prepare the cabin for night. Go figure.

In the near future many of us will be living in houses that have aroma air conditioning systems. Ten minutes before we wake up they will be pumping stimulating aroma into the air. Our eyes will open and we will be ready for the day. At the end of the evening the house will no doubt have a relaxing aroma for winding down after a work day.

Here are a few suggested essential oils to try for your next Open House;

For Positivity Cypress, Pine, Patchouli
To Create Visualisation Rosemary, Lavender, Neroli
For Joy Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile
To Support Stress Frankincense, Lemon, Bergamot
To Focus Lemon, Cedarwood, Rosemary
For Memory Recall Ginger, Basil, Black Pepper

Happy Oiling!


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